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What’s your Vice? My aunt bought me a palette from @UrbanDecay when I was really little and it just made me feel so fancy. I loved how colorful and rich the shadows were and they have never failed to impress me ever since. The new #Vice3 palette by #UrbanDecay has the perfect range of shades and a great mix of both mattes and shimmery hues. Plus, it comes in a super durable case with a gorgeous bag to store it in. <3 #Vice

I was initially really excited to work as a brand ambassador for @HealthLogics because they have a line of really incredible products geared towards joint health. As someone who is 5’11” and suffers from chronic pain from being involved in 7 accidents (No, I’m not a bad driver I swear!) I really wanted to see if their products helped with my mobility and joint stiffness, which it did. However, now I’m even more excited about the side effect I began experiencing after using their FluidHA Advanced Joint Tonic. It contains hyaluronic acid, which in case you didn’t know has tons of benefits for your skin. After 3 weeks of taking half a teaspoon daily, I began noticing that my skin was firmer, my complexion was clear, and my son felt ultra soft. I’m really excited to share this product with you guys and hope that you get the chance to try it especially if you are talking preemptive measures to keep your skin looking great.

The limited edition nail polish line I mixed up for @Nailtini will be available shortly! Sooo excited!!! Can’t wait to try what the other girls have in store! #nails #nailart #nailaddict #polish #nailpolish #nailtini #bblogger #beautyblogger #cflbeautyblogger #maquillaje #makeup #fashion #beauty

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